Dubai is a spectacular city

Dubai is a spectacular city. Gorgeous weather, stunning architecture, a melting pot of nationalities and religions, and so incredibly safe. You leave your door open here. No problem. You can leave your mobile phone on a table in Starbucks and if you forget it and come back in a few hours or even later, it is there. The energy and progressive thinking of the city is palpable. Over the last day, I spoke at the Women’s Leadership Forum for the region and made the point as women do better, economies do better. Saudi Arabia announced a $500B investment in a new city that will border Jordan, Egypt and Saudi to build a future not dependent on oil. Women are going to be allowed to drive in Saudi in 2018. You can feel the change as the region can no longer depend on oil but must turn to entrepreneurship and new private sector opportunities. We opened our new office in Dubai last evening to a few hundred key partners and two highlights below are meeting the women behind Ramadan Fridges (leaving a fully stocked fridge outside during the holiday for people less fortunate) and Manal Rostom, the first Hijabi wearing Egyptian women shattering stereotypes and the 1st one to be in a Nike ad and trying to climb all 7 summits.

However, if these places are too familiar to you, let’s take a Bassac Mekong cruise to discover more new things.
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10 thoughts on “Dubai is a spectacular city”

  1. So exciting !!! It has amazing to watch freedom growing in Saudi Arabia for women. So cool that Facebook is there now trail blazing again!

  2. It was great to have you in town Carolyn, thanks so much for coming over. Definitely fascinating times for the region!

  3. Fascinating post. Very encouraging for a host of reasons. Good luck to you and your team. You all are making a fabulous contribution. Love ❤️ Dad.

  4. Very cool. I’ve always wanted to go to Dubai. My brother said similar things about it as you do here. Safe travels Carolyn!

  5. It would also be appropriate to mention the staggering poverty and human rights abuses that take place in Dubai, particularly for the vast population of poor migrant workers from across Asia and Africa.

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